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About Serious Business

About Serious Business:

We are moving to:

Serious Business is on the Alliance side of the US-Gnomeregan. While our guild's atmosphere is often far from serious, we strive to make the most of our raiding hours each week. Using this philosophy we have progressed steadily from Gruul's all the way through Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau, Malygos, Sarth3D, Ulduar, ToC, ICC and straight into Cataclysm raids.

During Cataclysm we hit a bump with people burning out and moving on with their lives. We are back and now seeking to re-establish a semi casual raid team with our residing veterans and strengthen our casual family and friend guild activities.

All in all, we aim to provide our raiders a mature environment in which to enjoy higher-end content, while also remaining flexible and accommodating our members' real life commitments and schedules.

Our guild is comprised of almost all working adults, so we try to value our members time.

Applicants intend on the raid team should be ready to commit at least casual progressively to raiding, and not find it offensive, if we bench those rarely there for higher attendance people on guild progression raids. Applicants are expected to care about their characters developement within the limitations of the time they spend playing and we expect them to know how to play their class, or be interested in improving if they expect a spot on the raid team.

We cancel progression raids if we are missing more than 2 people on time. Otherwise we run on time or after pugging 1-2 friends. We do prefer to run all guild though.

We also run LFR and retro raids in guild groups for those, who just want a fun uncomplicated time, when they are on.

Now with all the /srs junk out of the way, we're a great group of people who love to joke around while we raid, but have no issues getting serious when it comes to figuring stuff out. It's a fantastic atmosphere with a solid core of people, and we have very very little turnover for anything other than RL stuff.

We use mumble for communication during raids and expect you to use Deadly Boss Mod or Bigwig, if your situational awareness can improve by it.

Feel free to drop off an application if we sound like we might be a good fit for you!
We are looking for specific classes for our raid team, but do not let the list of currently recruiting classes stop you from applying.

Our 10-man raid times are as follows (all times are in Gnomeregan server time, a.k.a. PST/PDT):

  • Saturdays: 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Feel free to drop off an application if we sound like we might be a good fit for you!

Thanks very much for stopping by.

Serious Business Leadership:

  • Guild Leader: Andrugan (Myralla)
  • Guild Officers: Siega (Dangara), Coelus (Paleh)
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Current guild recruitment post on official forums

by Dangara/Siega, 343 days ago

We are looking to add more friendly guild members in the future, both to boost our non-raiding community for group content and add a couple of extra raid team regulars.

Current guild recruitment post on official forums

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Mogu'Shan Vault normal down

by Dangara/Siega, 356 days ago

It took some time, but we finally got all of MV down with an eligible guild group for the achievement. We will be moving on to Heart of Fear next.

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